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About me

A picture of the past year

Hi, my name is Fabrizio Menghini Calderón and I live in Rome, Italy, where I try to make cohabit my studies (Computer science specialist degree) and my work of usability engineer, project manager, CSS/XHTML/PHP developer and software analyst.

Interno Tredici is the place where I publish my ideas, share material and information, that I think to be useful for me and others web developers, specially focusing concepts on usability and human factors. Moreover I'm bringing a personal crusade that aims to convert this world in a more usable place where is technology that molds itself to persons ad not viceversa as often happens.

My work

Actually I work at iQ Content a usability consultant agency located in Dublin, Ireland, where I'm responsible of developing web sites and web applications using CSS, XHTML and PHP. I also collaborate with the the department of computer and systems science of the University of Rome "La Sapienza" conducting usability evaluations regarding web applications deployed through PDA devices.
All ideas and opinions published in this site are strictly personals and probably my colleagues (specially graphic designers) don't agree with them.

If you are an open source project maintainer and need some help on usability, accessibility or simply want some feedback about software interfaces that you have designed I'm available for consulting. You can freely contact me for any information or just check my profile in the Open Usability Project.

Interno Tredici's Technology

This site has been implemented using XHTML 1.1 with content negotiation in order to serve pages as XML application for browsers that support this feature; page presentation uses instead CSS 2.0. Thanks to the power of these two technologies, this site can be shown with any modern browser (included vocals and textual ones) guaranteeing in this way a biggest content accessibility.

Some particularity and effects used in this site are supported only by modern browsers. If you are still using a web browser that not satisfy web standards, I suggest you to use the latest version of one of the following browsers:

Interno Tredici has been developed enterely with PHP and using MySQL as database. Contents are completely managed with phpMyAdmin, the most effective MySQL management web application. Al code written for this site has been edited on my laptop on which is installed Linux Fedora Core 4 and using Komodo as editor.

Interno Tredici's Accessibility

Because Internet is an universal knowledge source I've decided to make Interno Tredici accessible to everyone. This site satisfy WAI's AAA requirements and can be navigated using keyboard and alternative browsers (vocal and textual); more detailed information about accessibility can be found in accessibility notes.

For futher informations or questions don't exitate to contact me.